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The 3-day weekend…

Gotta love ’em….

Check us Out! Galavanting Magazine

Two JetSet Divas were recently featured on the September 2008 cover of Galavanting Magazine!

Jetting across Europe affordably

Like Travelocity and Expedia here in the United States, Directline UK is a cool search engine to use to find great flight deals from numerous budget airlines in the United Kingdom. An economical way to combat the weak dollar and still do an ‘European tour’ could be to first fly to the U.K. and then jet off from there!

Hidden Airline Fees: Friendliest Carrier to Stingiest Carrier

Travelers can’t help but notice how much airline fees have increased over the last year, but exepcially in the past 6 months. Time.com has posted a list that runs down the most current status of airline fees for nine major carriers. With the friendliest being Southwest Airlines and stingiest being US Airways. This just reaffirms […]

Beijing After Dark

NBC is, I believe, the official media source of the 2008 Olympics. At their website you can find answers to darn near anything pertaining to Olympics from Games, Schedules & Live Coverage to….what to do in Beijing after dark. They have a list of the top 5 things to do in Beijing once the games […]

Delta Airlines Increases Baggage Fees

Earlier this year, American Airlines began what soon became an industry standard of charging passengers $25 to check a 2nd bag. Well, Delta Airlines, in what is I’m sure an effort to stay closer to the red, is now charging $50 for passengers to check a 2nd bag! $50!! These new baggage fees begin for […]

Tips for Planning a Late Summer Vacation

It’s never too late to plan a vacation! Below are some tips for planning a late summer vacation from my favorite Shermans Travel. Tip #1: Book a flight-and-hotel package together. You can save as much as 40% over booking each individually on sites like Orbitz.com, Travelocity.com, and Hotels.com. Tip #2: Try your luck on a […]

What’s the REAL cost of flying??

SmarterTravel.com, Airfarewatchdog.com, and SeatGuru.com have teamed up to bring travelers a great guide that helps demystify all those tacked on airline fees. And what in the world are PFCs??

Costa Rica Review

From San Jose to Liberia we got you covered! Come learn about our experiences in “The Rich Coast”.

Body Language : Greece and Italy

More etiquette from around the world. This time watch your head and hand signals in Greece and watch for the cars in Italy.