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SuperBowl XLIV-2010

It’s almost time for Super Bowl XLIV 2010. The most watched game of the year. Do you have your travel plans together?

Last Minute Travel: NBA All-Star Weekend 2008

NBA All-Star Weekend is coming next weekend to New Orleans! This is one party weekend you won’t want to miss.

Where does HE want to go?

Where does he want go? Okay, ladies…their opinions do count…sometimes. (Just kidding, guys…not really). AskMen.com as a ton of Top Travel Lists to give you insight on some of their top locations for some of the most interesting travel categories, to say the least.

Last Minute Travel: SuperBowl XLII-2008

Arizona Super Bowl NY Giants vs. New England Patriots do you know who you’re going for? Do you even care? Did you know that the SuperBowl was this weekend February 1-3, 2008? If you need to make last minute plans simply to be around the festivities…DIVA Let’s GO! It’s never too late to make a […]