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Haiti is in need of our help. Do what you can….and make your best good enough!

US Virgin Islands “CENT-sational” Nights

Looking for white sand beaches and “see-through” blue Caribbean waters? Check out the U.S. Virgin Islands CENTsational sale!

It’s Carnival Time!

You may have missed out on New Orleans and Rio this year, but it’s not too late to celebrate Carnival. We highlight some Carnival celebrations held thorughout the year and all over the world.

Happy Birthday, Two JetSet Divas!

Two JetSet Divas turned ONE YEAR OLD this month! To celebrate we’re reminiscing and looking back at some of our favorite posts.

JetSet Talk

Time to reminisce. Share with us your favorite travel memory. What’s been your favorite location so far? Favorite hotel or restaurant. Your favorite spot may be on another JetSet Diva’s list. The best tips and pointers sometimes aren’t the ones found in travel guides, but the ones we get from each other. And you never […]

JetSet Talk

JetSet Community, let’s discuss. What is your dream vacation? Share with us your dream vacation, or (if it’s not the same place) where you would like to go on vacation this year. The first step toward GOING is THINKING! So think about it…then talk about it, Divas!

Hello, world!

Hip. Chic. Funky. Urban. Cool.

This blog was created with these Divas in mind. Women who are ready to take on the globe, one trip at a time. Count on us to bring a fun and fresh twist on travel commentary and information.