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JetSet Perks…

There are benefits to being a JetSetter… Come check out the giveaways and special invitations being offered just for our readers.

Have an Explosive 4th of July!

We wish all of our JetSetters in the U.S.A, a happy Fourth of July filled with fun, bbq, and of course…fireworks! Here’s Forbes Traveler’s list of where to catch the best shows.

Get your piece of ‘The City’

The premiere of the ‘Sex and the City’ movie is almost here! What better way to celebrate the return of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, than to visit the “fifth” character….NYC!

Now, that’s fly…

First class service for the ENTIRE cabin. Talk about leg room.

Top 5 Places to Fall In Love

This Valentine’s Day, Two JetSet Divas gives you our Top 5 Places to Fall in Love….or great, romantic destinations to share with those who are already the apple of your eye.