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It’s Carnival Time!

You may have missed out on New Orleans and Rio this year, but it’s not too late to celebrate Carnival. We highlight some Carnival celebrations held thorughout the year and all over the world.

Lay My Head : Portugal and Spain

We’ve discovered a cool site for worldwide hotel bookings, especially within Europe and the United Kingdom. Considered to be the “European Hotel Specialist”, eurobookings.com has specific knowledge and expertise of local accomodations. This insider information can be very helpful particularly for first-time visitors to Europe.

Body Language : Greece and Italy

More etiquette from around the world. This time watch your head and hand signals in Greece and watch for the cars in Italy.

Body Language : A Traveler’s Guide to Hand Gestures

Sometimes, you can say a lot without saying anything at all. When traveling the world, make sure your hand gestures are communicating the right message.

The Diva Chronicles : An Italian Sampler (Part II)

Our final days in Italy – Rome and Venice.

The Thirsty Traveler

A unique blend of signature drinks from around the world. Thirsty yet?

The Diva Chronicles : An Italian Sampler (Part I)

Flashbacks of our visit to Italy in November – Rome, Naples, Pompeii, and Venice.
Photo: Mt. Vesuvius behind the ruins of Pompeii

Top 5 Places to Fall In Love

This Valentine’s Day, Two JetSet Divas gives you our Top 5 Places to Fall in Love….or great, romantic destinations to share with those who are already the apple of your eye.