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The New Orbitz

Orbitz has a brand new look! Check it out.

Help! I am addicted to this game.

Geo Challenge is not only great at testing your knowledge of geography, but can be a source of many late nights. Play at your own risk!

Jetting across Europe affordably

Like Travelocity and Expedia here in the United States, Directline UK is a cool search engine to use to find great flight deals from numerous budget airlines in the United Kingdom. An economical way to combat the weak dollar and still do an ‘European tour’ could be to first fly to the U.K. and then jet off from there!

The Truth Behind Booking Vacation Packages…

The truth behind booking vacation packages is that they are the next best thing to free travel!! You can get your flight, hotel, car rental, transportataion service, and now tickets for local activites all in one place…all on the same confirmation number…all with one 800-number to call when issues arise. There are many many travel […]

Budget Travel Comparison Shopping

The entire concept behind our blog is “Travel on a Budget”. That definitely doesn’t mean that you call your local travel agency soon as you get a travel itch! After the agency fees and markups the budget is BLOWN. So, in order to get the best bang for your buck you have to actually sit […]

Sail the Ocean Blue

It’s summertime in the city! What a better way to spend vacation than Sailing the Ocean Blue. With tons of cruise lines to choose from, one that fits your style should not be hard to find.

Our Next JetSet : Costa Rica

On Memorial Day weekend, the Two JetSet Divas will explore the beauty and nature of Costa Rica. Follow us as we share our pre-trip planning and post-trip adventures.

Almighty Dollar

It’s rough out there for the dollar these days…
Although the value of the dollar has weaken in many countries across the globe, there are still a few destinations where it can go a long way.


According to the “Countries Visited Travel Map” widget on the TravBuddy website, I’ve only seen 7 percent of the world. Although I’m no travel guru (yet), I’m not a novice either. I was kinda suprised at my result. This little widget has made me even more ready to check out the 93 percent of the […]