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We’re back!

Hey JetSetters! We can’t believe it’s been over 4 years since our last blog post.  Finally, we took the plunge and made the first step back to our beloved site. So much has changed in the travel world and across social media in the past 4 years, so we’ll be playing catch up for a […]

American Airline NEW Baggage Fees

American Airlines has a new baggage fee hike as of January 2010. 1st Checked Bag is now $25 2nd Checked Bag is now $35 People, this will never end. One day we won’t remember when carrying items with us on a trip was free.


Haiti is in need of our help. Do what you can….and make your best good enough!

NAACP sues US Airways

US Airways is being sued for discrimination by the NAACP and three former employees of US Airways. The suit seeks damages for all African American employees and the reinstatement of the three employees named in the suit. An immediate ban on “racial code words” is also called for, as well as the placement of a […]

Terrorist Attempt on NWA Jet Christmas Day

A dummy tried to blow up a Northwest Airlines jet landing in Detroit early this Christmas Morning. He says he was on direct orders from al-Qaida. A Nigerian passenger was able to stop the dummy’s attempt. Thank Goodness for Heroic People!

American Airlines Fires Web Designer

In what I assume is another step in controlling and cutting budgets. American Airlines has fired a web designer for responding on a customers blog about the current state and future of AA’s website. Apparently, defending the company violates a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Message: Keep your opinions to yourself! (It will give you ulcers, but keeps […]

Southwest Airlines Goes Green…in a Way

SWA introduces a new “green plane” made of environmentally friendly interior materials. Check it out!

Couple Sues Over Cruise

Heterosexual Couple sues travel agent for booking them on an all gay cruise. Not a typical post by us…but this is kinda funny, but NOT.

The Flight Board

The latest from our favorite travel blogs….

Discount car rentals in Florida

If you’re planning to travel to Florida, and looking for Miami and Orlando car rental service, Florida Discount Car Rentals offers low rates and current year vehicle models of cars, SUVs, minivans and more from national companies such as Dollar and Thrifty. The website exclusively serves Florida airport locations such as Orlando, Miami, Tampa Bay, […]